“I’ll do my best as myself, then together with my team I’ll walk towards that most glorious day."
- Lay

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four years passed and tao still don’t have time study english

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Peter Pan lyrics:

♪♫  그 순간부터 너의 맘을 얻고 나눈 키스까지  ♫♪
  From that moment on, I gained your heart and even a kiss  ♫♪

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Shindong carrying Yixing

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140823 TLP Singapore - LAY


Lay noticed the fan projects - the 365 banners and the peter pan crowns that fans were wearing. During the ending ment, Lay mentioned it and asked “Why are all of you so thoughtful?” (rough translation because he spoke in chinese).

Honestly the sweetest ever. Lay notices a lot and he’s always thanking everyone for putting in effort for him and EXO. I love how he’s always so humble.


Baekhyun & Jongin doing the ALS Bucket Challenge TLP- Singapore

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When someone you hate talks to you:


yixing + v-sign

yixing’s cute listening face

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Exo reaction to you telling them that you're pregnant with quintuplets →


Yixing and his watermelon.